Open Plan Living Conversions

Contemporary, stylish and spacious homes created by No Trub Construction. Celebrity-style homes at an affordable cost is the new trend in city and suburban lifestyle properties. Consider opening up your home to an exciting open plan living space created by simply knocking down some adjoining walls. This is one quick and cost effective transition to modernise your property and create a beautiful interior living space with more light, instantly upgrading and adding further value your home.

If your home has smaller rooms and limited light focused interiorly then opening up this space will add an extra dimension to your living quarters. Call us for a no obligation design quote today!
Our Open Plan Living Conversions Include:
  • Wall Removal
  • Removal of Load Bearing Walls
  • Removal of Non-Load Bearing Walls
  • Needling and Propping to Remove Walls
  • Lintel Installation
  • Single to Double Garage door Conversions
  • Pier Removal Between Garage Doors
Our team of stylists and design experts will enhance your interior by helping you choose the appropriate colours and fabrics to compliment the interior facade.